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At Delta International, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience as a trusted FDA/IMS certified plastic bottle US supplier.

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Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in our FDA/IMS certified bottles, which ensures that our products meet the highest standards of safety and purity. Let’s partner up!

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As a leading provider of plastic bottles, we offer competitive prices without ever sacrificing the quality of our products. We understand that our clients demand the best, and we are dedicated to providing them with superior products at prices that are hard to beat.

Our extensive experience in the dairy industry, beverage industry, and chemical products industry has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the unique needs and requirements of each industry. We are committed to providing our clients with custom solutions that meet their specific needs, whether they are looking for bottles that are designed for hot fill, cold storage, or bottles that are resistant to harsh chemicals.

HDPE Dairy and Food
grade containers

Choose from our Dairy Squares and our Dairy Rounds.

HDPE Industrial
grade containers

Choose from food grade and industrial grade resins.

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Our Services

At Delta International, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and support. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have access to the products they need when they need them. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide support, ensuring that our clients can focus on their business with the confidence that comes from knowing that they have a reliable partner in Delta International.

Custom Blow Molding

We work with you in developing your bottle, from the graphics to the tool itself.


Getting the bottle from our manufacturing plant in Mexico to your door at the best competitive price.

Product Sourcing and Export Solutions

Sourcing of raw materials, machinery parts and logistics to get your product to your manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Mexican Customs & Label Development

We develop and apply prior to import a custom-made label to comply with Mexican Labeling Laws.

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For over 20 years we have been supplying bottles to the Dairy, Beverage and Chemical Industry in the United States.



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